# Our structure

# Employees, members and directors

The workforce at Agile Collective consists of employees, members and directors, with individuals who work with us on a less formal basis classed as freelancers or contractors.

It is important to note that Employee, Member and Director are terms defined in our articles of association (opens new window).

# Employees

An employee is anyone with an employment contract at Agile Collective. All members and directors are employees of Agile Collective, but not all employees are members or directors.

# Members

As a worker co-op, members ultimately own and control Agile Collective. We hope that all employees will want to become members, but membership is completely voluntary and comes with a number of eligibility requirements. You can read more about membership here.

# Directors

Directors are legally responsible for the company, but otherwise there is no discernible distinction between director members and non-director members. Only members can become directors.

You can read more about the legal duties of Directors on the Co-operatives UK website. (opens new window)

# Freelancers and contractors

We also work with a number of freelancers or contractors from time to time. Freelancers and contractors are not employees and therefore cannot be members or directors.

# Circles

We use the sociocractic principle of Circles to manage areas of our business. Throughout the Handbook you will read references to some of the following:

  • Members Circle
  • General Circle
  • People Circle
  • Finance Circle
  • Pay Circle

In brief, Circles are teams of people with an agreed Aim, and the authority and responsibility over a particular Domain.

# Circle Structure

Rough outline of Agile Collective's circle structure

Original circle structure (opens new window)