# Cycle Scheme

Agile Collective promotes the use of bicycles as the preferred form of transport and will help cover the cost of cycling for all of its members.

# Cycle to work scheme

The Department for Transport’s Cycle To Work Scheme enables employees to hire cycles from their employer for active travel to and from their place of work, and/or cyclist’s safety equipment, in return for a deduction from earnings via salary sacrifice. Agile Collective has enrolled with Cyclescheme (opens new window), which saves the employer 25-39% on a bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary. You can apply by using this link (opens new window).

All members are required to keep their bicycles in a good state of repair.

Agile Collective will own any bicycle (or part or accessory) purchased under this Policy until the end of the hire agreement. At which point if you wish to keep your bike/accessories a small ownership fee (opens new window) is payable and you can continue to use the equipment for 3 years, after which the ownership can pass to you.

The Company is not liable for further upkeep or disposal or for any damage caused by any bicycle obtained under this scheme.

Every bicycle must be insured, please discuss this with the Finance Circle who can advise on this.