Mental health traffic lights


what to do if you need to talk to a professional or you are in a crisis, using traffic lights

Things to avoid

Don't mess with your meds! Avoid self medicating or prescribing; don't stop things early; be careful and listen to your GP.


Being “okay” doesn’t mean you cannot help yourself to feel better.

What can you do?




Remote working


Our Agile Collective Mental Health Loomio thread and google doc log

What can Agile Collective do?

We can still help here though, possibly with various wellbeing tools, these may include things such as:

If you feel any of these would be beneficial to you (and you don’t feel it is something you could just purchase on the card), please do bring your requests to the people circle as normal.


Some things that may also be of help here


If someone is very worried about their mental health then there are a lot of different support options.

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