Our vision, mission and values

Agile Collectives Mission, Vision, and Values have been set together with the intention of them being a strong foundation for the organisation to base all other things off of. This should allow greater confidence that decisions made are inline with the feelings and objectives of us all as a group.

It should be noted also that the idea is that the individual people and circles will therefore work out how to achieve these things. This will largely occur through the setting of circle OKRs.

Our Vision Mission OKR KPI Pillar structure



To provide high quality, creative digital services to socially positive organisations using open source, agile and cooperative principles.


An environmentally secure and equitable society in which people own their work, technology is open source and business is conducted transparently and fairly.


  1. Provide value and quality to our clients
  2. Thrive as a business
  3. Communicate effectively
  4. Embrace challenges
  5. Value our time
  6. Value one another and our differences
  7. Promote cooperation
  8. Help build a fairer society and more sustainable relationship with nature

{01} Provide value and quality to our clients

In projects, support and account management, clients are delighted by our service.

We help clients find the best solution to the right problem, we write code, and use technologies that save time and money.

Our project management processes and tools, our support service and support software are chosen for their appropriateness. We prioritise using and contributing to open source projects.

{02} Thrive as a business

Running an economically sustainable business gives us autonomy. It means we can attract talent, pay our employees fairly, choose who we work with, and invest in technology and organisations that help us meet our mission. It gives us a voice in the outside world.

We look to collaborate where possible and we seek to do business only where it is mutually beneficial to both us and our clients.

{03} Communicate effectively

We want to be understood and so strive to express ourselves succinctly and make requests clearly. We want to understand so we listen attentively.

We are open, direct, transparent, collaborative and friendly in our interactions with each other and clients.

We see the transfer of information as fundamental to what we do so we look for opportunities to learn, to mentor, and to teach. We do this both within and beyond the coop.

{04} Embrace challenges

We are forward-looking. We ask individuals to take the initiative and show leadership in identifying a problem, reframing it, and exploring solutions and opportunities.

We co-own problems and explore solutions together.

We encourage employees to explore new tech, services, and skills.

We help each other see the process through to fruition.

We help ourselves and others move forward by documenting and communicating our experiences in this space and sharing outputs.

{05} Value our time

We help ourselves and one another to use time efficiently. To value our time is to value our work.

We balance billable work, internal projects, personal growth, professional development, our health and mental wellbeing, and building relationships with our colleagues.

We take the time to give feedback, offer help and be there for each other.

{06} Value one another and our differences

We value each and every person for who they are.

We benefit both personally and as a company from a workplace rich with a diversity of experiences, identities, and ideas.

We acknowledge and celebrate differences such as those of gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education level, disability, neurodiversity, proficiency with English, class, financial situation, and location. We also acknowledge and celebrate differences of personality, values, and skill sets.

We seek others' points of view to broaden our understanding, listen to others' experiences, empower each other to make requests, and help each other develop professionally in our own way.

{07} Promote cooperation

We believe that the cooperative model of ownership helps build a fairer and better society.

We promote cooperative ownership and sociocratic decision-making, and help the coop movement to grow.

We use open source software because it is produced collaboratively, produces better results and increases access to technology.

{08} Help build a fairer society and more sustainable relationship with nature

We choose to work with clients whose activities challenge embedded social problems or the climate crisis.

In our decisions and actions we are influenced by our values. We promote fairness, social and environmental justice, strong communities, and openness.

We reduce waste and minimise our impact on the environment and our fellow animals.


Internal doc on our KPIs


Circle OKRs

Internal doc on our approved Circle OKRs

Individual OKRs

Not currently made public, so ask individuals if you are interested.

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