Starting salary guidelines

Our pay policy states 'New starters join at a mutually agreed level. That is, mutually agreed by both the individual during the hiring process and the Members'. The hiring circle is responsible for setting the starting salary, and considers the following:

The starting salary should be set at a point on our pay scale that adequately reflects the individual's experience and expected fit in the co-op. They will then move up the pay scale annually, as outlined in the salary progession section of our Pay policy.

If there's uncertainty between two pay points, we will offer the lower pay point initially with an agreement to have a 6 month pay review. In this case, it will be made clear in the offer letter what the employee needs to demonstrate to receive a pay increase at 6 months. This is important so that both parties know what is expected at the 6 month pay review.

Before an offer is made it's necessary to determine the affordability of the salary to the company. The Finance and Pay Circles maintain profitability forecasting tools that allow us to model scenarios, such as new employees and how their expected salary and billable percentage will effect the organisation’s profitability. The circle tasked with finding new staff should consult with the Pay Circle before agreeing the offer with the employee to ensure the proposed salary doesn't endanger the health of the co-op.

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