Termination of employment

We hope that our members and employees will continue to enjoy working at Agile Collective for many years, but we also know that all good things must come to an end. This section outlines expected notice periods and other considerations when employment comes to and end for whatever reason. Specific terms and conditions will be found in your contract of employment.

Your employment may come to an end in a variety of ways and this document sets out the minimum notice periods required. These notice periods apply to all employees, including members.

If you wish to resign you must give the required written notice to the members.

If the company decides to terminate your employment you will be notified in writing.

Unless your written statement of your main terms and conditions of employment specifies longer periods of notice, the minimum periods of notice are as follows.

Minimum notice to be given by you to the Company

Employee status Notice period
Employees on a fixed-term contract* Four weeks
Employees on a permanent contract Twelve weeks

Minimum notice to be given by the Company to you

Employee status Notice entitlement
Employees on a fixed-term contract* Four weeks
Employees on a permanent contract Twelve weeks

*It is not expected that a fixed term contract will last longer than two years.

The Company may give the equivalent pay in lieu of notice.

We shall be entitled to dismiss you at any time without notice if you commit a serious breach of your obligations as an employee, or if you cease to be entitled to work in the UK.

Terminating employment without giving notice

If you terminate your employment without giving or working the required period of notice, as indicated above, you will have an amount equal to any additional cost of covering your duties during the notice period not worked deducted from any termination pay due to you. This is an express written term of your contract of employment.


In the case of a redundancy, you will be consulted and notified of the applicable redundancy payment in accordance with the statutory guidelines in force at the time.

Return of company property

If you leave the company, you must return all items of company property in your possession.

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