Annual leave and TOIL

Each employee is entitled to 28 days pro-rata paid holiday including Bank or National holidays.

You may carry over up to 25% of your total holiday allocation to the following year, however, it is strongly recommended that employees take their full allocation in any given year. Any other unused holiday will be lost if not taken, except in exceptional circumstances.

Entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis in the first and last year of employment, and if you have taken more or fewer holidays than have accrued by the date of leaving, any additional sums will be deducted from or added to your final salary payment.


Whilst this is calculated based on a 35-hour working week, it is possible that an individual may be contracted temporarily to a 40-hour working week (see Pay Policy on this). For this period of time, their holiday entitlement would increase appropriately.

Overtime and TOIL

We encourage employees to manage their own time and to avoid unnecessary accrual of overtime by taking shorter days rather than allowing a large amount of overtime to build up. We understand, however, that sometimes deadlines can’t be moved and are not of our making!

All overtime should be logged as normal in our time-tracking system. At the end of each month, the People Circle reviews everyone’s time and will let you know if you have accrued any TOIL and agree with you how to address this.

Unlike Holidays, TOIL is not logged in our time tracking system, instead just leave your timesheet blank for this period.

In exceptional circumstances, and by agreement from the members, the company may agree to pay for overtime at your standard hourly rate instead of TOIL.

Leave booking procedure

In order to book a holiday or TOIL, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply for leave using the Annual Leave Request Form. An email will be sent to
  2. An entry will automatically be added to the Holiday Calendar.
  3. The People Circle will acknowledge and approve your leave and update the resources planner accordingly.
  4. Enjoy your leave! If you need to shorten or extend it, please advise the People Circle.

The People Circle will try to accommodate all holiday requests and, as a general rule, holiday requests are granted on a first come, first served basis.

In the event that business critical functions will not be met during your proposed absence, the People Circle will discuss with you how to resolve the matter.

Please be aware that we need to have someone available to do first and second line support, and respond to critical business functions such as Finance, Business Development, and Resourcing.

If your proposed holiday conflicts with anything already resourced in the resources planner, you should talk to the resources team and your project team before making your request.

Logging holiday time

Claimed holiday days must be logged as “Holiday” in the time-tracking system and be in blocks of equivalent whole days based on the employee’s terms and conditions of employment.

Public and Bank holidays

You will not be obliged to take holiday for public and bank holidays. We assume that employees will, however, so please inform the People Circle if you do not wish to take off a particular bank or public holiday.

Holiday year

The holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

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