Probationary period

On joining the company you will serve a probationary period of one year. During this time you will be making your own mind up about whether you wish to remain working with this company. The team, at the same time, will be assessing your capabilities, attitude and potential.

If you do not reach the standards required, your employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period, or the probationary period may be extended at our discretion by up to three months. This is without prejudice to our right to terminate your employment before or on the expiry of your probationary period if you are found for any reason whatsoever to be incapable of carrying out, or otherwise unsuitable for, your job. During and at the end of your probationary period, your employment will be reviewed at dates arranged at the commencement of your employment. During the probationary period your employment may be terminated by either party by giving 4 weeks’ written notice.


Your induction programme is designed so that you fit in quickly and effectively. You will meet your new colleagues and you will receive information on the company, your terms and conditions of employment, company rules, health, hygiene and safety. You will also receive any relevant training related to your position to enable you to be up to speed on working practices and culture.


During your probation period you will be assigned a “Buddy” who will be responsible for onboarding you, and to whom you can go to if you have any problems during this period. Changes in personal circumstances.

To help us to assist you it is essential that all information on your personnel records is complete and correct. Please inform the Finance Team of any changes in your personal circumstances, including a change of:

Your personal information is classified as confidential and will not be released to outside sources without your prior authorisation.

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