Our structure

Employees, members and directors

The workforce at Agile Collective consists of employees, members and directors, with individuals who work with us on a less formal basis classed as freelancers or contractors.

It is important to note that Employee, Member and Director are terms defined in our articles of association.


An employee is anyone with an employment contract at Agile Collective. All members and directors are employees of Agile Collective, but not all employees are members or directors.


As a worker co-op, members ultimately own and control Agile Collective. We hope that all employees will want to become members, but membership is completely voluntary and comes with a number of eligibility requirements. You can read more about membership here.


Directors are legally responsible for the company, but otherwise there is no discernible distinction between director members and non-director members. Only members can become directors.

You can read more about the legal duties of Directors on the Co-operatives UK website.

Freelancers and contractors

We also work with a number of freelancers or contractors from time to time. Freelancers and contractors are not employees and therefore cannot be members or directors.

Our governance

We use principles and practices of Sociocracy to manage the company on a day-to-day basis.

This consists of two main elements:

Many full-time employees working on billable projects will also spend some of their week in managerial Circles. Most Members are in several circles.

Circle Structure

Our current circle structure is flat, with all circles reporting directly to the General Circle, which in turn reports to the Members Circle.

Agile Collective's circle structure

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