Environmental policy


Agile Collective acknowledges that our activities have an impact on our environment, both locally and globally. We will aim to reduce any negative impacts we have and build a more sustainable business. Further to this, we actively encourage other organisations to acknowledge their environmental impact and only work with organisations who demonstrate a clear environmental policy. We will adhere to the following principles:

Global issues

Man-made climate change causing global warming is a serious and undisputed issue. One of the biggest factors in global climate change is the emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activity. Accurately calculating the emissions linked with specific activities is a complex and changing science, which we intend to review and assess on an annual basis and amend our environmental policy accordingly.

Local issues

We impact our local environment through our use of resources, energy, travel, waste and require equipment and consumables which can damage the environment.


As a tech company we recognise that the biggest impact is in the choices we make when designing, developing and delivering our services.

Impact: Emissions produced in the generation of electricity for servers

Mitigation: Use, and recommend to our clients, hosting suppliers that use 100% green energy

Impact: Emissions produced in the generation of electricity for end user devices



Impact: Emissions produced by home to work travel

Mitigation: Encourage low carbon commuting, including having a cyclescheme

Impact: Emissions produced by business travel


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