Booking & managing meetings

All company and extra-curricular activities that occur during standard working hours (9am - 5pm, UK time) should be events in Google Calendar so that anyone wishing to book a meeting can select a free meeting slot.

All meetings should be booked by creating a new Google Calendar event with reminders to help those of a forgetful bent (which is most of us).

Before any meeting, the agenda should be circulated and meeting roles agreed.

Meeting times

Due to the vagaries of our working week, we try to schedule internal meetings between the following times:

We aim to reserve the hours of 11am - 4pm for 'Deep Dive' time to focus on billable work.

It is the responsibility of the facilitator to ensure that meetings do not overrun and that agendas are created and adhered to.

Weekly General Circle Meeting (GCM)

All employees are welcome at the GCM.

The company meets every Tuesday at 9.30am to check in with each other, share information and make decisions. The facilitation and notetaking roles for the meeting rotates each calendar month. The facilitator is responsible for preparing the agenda and facilitating any discussions or proposals that arise.

If you would like to bring a topic to the General Circle Meeting add it to the agenda doc in advance of the meeting. If the agenda is too full, we may decide to carry an item forward to the following week, or to a break out meeting.

If any members’ decisions are to be run in the timeslot of a GCM, they are actually run in an Extraordinary Members Meeting afterwards. This is requested on the agenda, agreed with the facilitator beforehand, and the GCM ends earlier to permit that members’ meeting to take place within the GCM timeslot.

Monthly Members Meetings (MMM)

All members and probationary members are welcome at Members’ Meetings.

Members meet monthly for two hours on the second Tuesday of the month to do strategic work. This takes the place of the weekly GCM.

A Probationary Member’s role in the Members’ meeting is to act in every way as a Member would, i.e. you will be involved in the decision making process.

Sensitive Items: Any member may request that an agenda item be treated as sensitive and for probationary members to be asked to leave for that item. The member making the request should discuss this with the facilitator beforehand.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

All members and probationary members are welcome at the AGM.

The AGM happens once a year and Members are expected to attend. The agenda will be circulated in advance by the meeting facilitator of the AGM.

Weekly resources meeting

There is an open meeting at 4pm every Monday to review and discuss resourcing requirements for projects, support, business development and internal company projects.

You are not expected to attend but it is encouraged so that you are part of the resourcing conversation.

Suggestions for improvements

Any member or employee is welcome to bring a proposal or suggestion for improving the way that Agile Collective, or any meeting is run. If you would like some support in forming this proposal, please ask one of your colleagues or contact the People Circle.

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