360 degree conflict resolution model

This provides a useful tool for detaching yourself from your own emotional position in regards to a conflict, and looking at the conflict from every angle.

Before having a conversation, mediated or not, with the person with whom you are in conflict. Complete the table below. You can the use this as a framework for your discussion.

Copy and paste the table below into a new (unshared) document on Drive or locally.

Me The other person The wider org
My issue is... I think X’s issue is... I think the outcome of this is:
For me….

For X….

For the organisation….
This issues makes me feel... I think this issue makes X feel... How does this affect the organisation?

How does this affect the rest of the team?
The solution I would like to see is... I think the solution X would like to see is... Other possible solutions that might suit us both are...

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