Concern about the behaviour of others – Whistleblowing policy and process

Agile Collective wants to encourage a trusting and supportive environment for all our employees and members.

If you have a complaint to make about your treatment at work, you should consider if this would be best dealt with through the conflict resolution and/or the grievance procedure.

If you discover or suspect that a breach of this Code or a criminal activity such as theft or fraud is being committed, is being planned, or has occurred, you have a duty to report it. Some other examples of the types of matters, which it would be appropriate to raise under this policy, are:

How to raise your concern

You should in the first instance, speak to a member of the People Circle. This may be done verbally or in writing.

If you feel unable to raise the matter with someone in your immediate working environment, for whatever reason, please seek advice from Co-operatives UK, of which we are a member.

All issues will be treated sympathetically and, provided you raise it in good faith, will not affect your employment or career. If you wish, we will ensure that practical measures are put in place to protect your identity. We will contact you by the most secure means. We will not disclose your identity without your consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

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