Unlimited training budget

The work we do for clients, and the environment in which we operate, changes rapidly and that means we need to continually invest in our own skills and experiences.

We have an unlimited training budget that empowers everyone at Agile Collective to have full ownership and control of their learning and personal development.

We use Personal Development OKRs to structure and decide on what we want to learn and how we will benefit from that learning.

The range of activities is completely open, including:

The only limit for what can be included is your imagination!

What's important is getting the right mix of activities that will help you develop whilst still allowing you to fulfill your commitments as a team member and in line with business needs.

In principle, you don’t need to ask permission to do training but you do need to consult the people it may affect if you are less available than normal.

You don’t need to get approval for spends below £1,000. Above that, we ask that you check with the Finance Circle first. While times are good and we have plenty of cash in the bank, this will be approved; if we are going through a period of turbulence, then there may need to be a delay while we tighten our belts to get through it.

Similarly, you can go ahead and arrange your training if the time commitment is below 5 days. If it’s above 5 days, then talk to the People Circle so they can help you find a suitable arrangement.

For formal qualifications and courses which cost more than £500, at the discretion of the members, we ask you to commit to repaying some of the training budget if you leave Agile Collective within 12 months:

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