Unpaid leave

This policy is designed to allow you to extend a holiday period and generally take breaks from work beyond the yearly holiday allowance.

Unpaid leave is time taken off work for which you are not paid. Unpaid leave is taken into account for payroll and profit share: any days of unpaid leave will be deducted pro-rata from your monthly salary and will affect any quarterly profit share calculations.

Note: Any bonus payments are calculated from your Contracted Hours. If unpaid leave is taken then this will reduce your contracted hours by the amount of hours taken, thus reducing your bonus entitlement. Taking unpaid leave will also reduce your annual leave entitlement for the year.

Unlike holidays, unpaid leave is not logged in our time tracking system, instead just leave your timesheet blank for this period.

If you would like to book unpaid leave please contact the people circle. Unpaid leave booked before the third Thursday of the month will be deducted from the current months pay.

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