# Mobile phones

Agile Collective provides mobile phones and plans for members. This includes any device that is a member’s main or only mobile phone, even if it is also used for non-work purposes.

# Handsets

Any new handset will be purchased outright by Agile Collective rather than through a contract. Additionally, any handset would remain the property of, and insured by, Agile Collective.

Any new handset should not exceed £600* (excl VAT). As a more sustainable approach, Agile Collective also encourages, but does not require, members to purchase used or refurbished handsets where possible through services such as Backmarket (opens new window) or Giffgaff (opens new window).

Agile Collective will own any item purchased under this Policy but you will be responsible for taking good care of it. Should you wish to own the phone outright or would like a handset that is more expensive than this limit, the tech scheme can help to meet these requirements. All phones should be in a protective casing.

Every handset must be insured, please discuss this with the Finance team who can arrange this for you.

This was calculated in 2022 based on the cost of an iPhone 11. The newest iPhone on the market was an iPhone 13.

# Plans and providers

Agile Collective will pay for a suitable plan that best suits your own needs within reason. This should not exceed £30 (excl VAT) per month and will be reviewed on an annual basis to account for inflation. This can be negotiated in exceptional circumstances via a proposal to Finance Circle.

For employees and members outside of the UK, there may be additional taxes or fees required. This would need to be explored and discussed on a country-by-country basis.

# Use and Allowances

  • If you are on holiday or travelling abroad on business or working abroad for a period of time, we will pay for reasonable roaming costs. Members should ensure that they have notified their provider in advance and arranged for a suitable roaming package as agreed with the finance circle. If in discussion with you, the roaming costs are deemed to be excessive, then this will be deducted from payroll in the following month.
  • If you are on holiday for an extended period of time (e.g. 2 weeks), particularly outside of Europe, then we would recommend purchasing a local SIM as a more cost effective way of getting data and minutes.
  • We recognise that bad things can happen to phones (toilets, dancing etc) but if you lose it or break it more than twice in a 12 month period, we think it's fair that you pay the excess cost of replacing it.
  • With regular wear and tear, a brand new handset should last around 2-3 years from date of purchase. Refurbished and second-hand phones may have a shorter working life.